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Have a seat; let me tell you how I summoned the courage to ask my first date out and the marketing lesson I derived from the experience.

When I was a teen, I was infatuated with a girl down the street. How pretty was she?

Well, imaginatively (or surgically, if you preferūüėÄ) take Angelina Jolie’s eyes and put them on a Beyonce face, and you may perhaps come close to her stunning she looked.

Young as I was, I admit my stomach swarmed with butterflies anytime I was around her.

Sadly, I couldn’t tell her how I felt.

This was partly because I was shy, but to a larger extent, because I was convinced she would always be around.

“Oh yeah, I would always have another chance to express my feeling….she will always be around,” I comforted myself every time I felt tongue-tied around her.

Then one strange morning, my friend (and accomplice) came running down with every fragment of his countenance screaming bad news.

“Her parents are relocating!” he exclaimed about my crush.

Whooshed, I flew past him to her house. “I like you…I really like you”, I blurted out as soon as I came within her earshot.

Her mother, who was just nearby, stared shockingly at my dramatic transition from the shy kid she knew me to be.

Many years later on, having blossomed into a seasoned marketer, I now understand what gave me the courage to express myself: URGENCY.

Yes, I now had a deadline (as she was about to relocate) to communicate my feelings for her, as I knew the opportunity was about to slip by.

It is the same in marketing today. Prospects are psychologically spurred to act on your offer if it has a deadline –especially one stipulated with a countdown timer.

When it comes to adding urgency to your marketing via countdown timers (or creating evergreen deadlines), very few tools can perform as excellently as Deadline Funnel. 

In this comprehensive Deadline Funnel review, we will be exploring the features of this tool, why Deadline Funnel is a great option to boost sales for your business, its pricing, the downsides to this tool, and comparison to other alternatives.





Deadline funnel allows you to monitor your prospects across multiple devices accurately.


Reliable customer support via live chat, phone, and email.


Impressive lockdown functionality.


Top value for money.


Can be integrated with some of the prevalent marketing software, including payment solutions, email service providers, and landing page builders.


Deadline Funnel will not reduce your website loading speed.


Saves you the hassle of plugins as it is a hosted solution which automatic adaptation to time zone deviations.


Free Trial.


Little to no technical experience required to set up Deadline Funnel






You will be limited to one type of countdown timer design for each campaign.


No capacity to save design templates should you want to use them later.


Lacks timer color customization with CSS.


Need for an enhanced interface.




What is Deadline funnel?


Deadline funnel is a trailblazing software that enables you as a business owner to allocate every lead a specific deadline to subscribe to a service or program you are offering. 



With Deadline Funnel, you can furnish your marketing with a tangible sense of urgency using customized ultimatums unique to every prospect. 


With such pressing ephemerality, your audience feels a stronger compulsion to opt-in for your service based on the scarcity introduced.



From the psychology of marketing, it is natural for your prospects to feel lax about your offer when they know they can get it just anytime. 



However, once that element of urgency comes into your marketing campaigns as typified by Deadline’s Funnel’s evergreen deadlines and personalized scarcity timers, there comes in need of “punctuality”.¬†



This is because the offer or service is now time-based and can be lost or expire. This increases your conversion and eventual sales. Doesn’t this sound exciting?



One fantastic thing you will love about Deadline Funnel is that your prospects can never cheat the countdown timers. 



It doesn’t matter if they change browsers, email addresses, or use incognito tabs; the timelines remain unique and evergreen.¬†



Deadline Funnel allows you to sync these countdown timers on your website or even integrate them into your email newsletters.



If you have been suffering poor conversion rates, inadequate signups, or overall flopping marketing campaigns, it could be time to improve your fortunes using Deadline Funnel. 



According to the legendary marketer Dave Ramsey, urgency and scarcity form the bedroom of contemporary marketing.


Very few things agitate your audience as much as a ticking clock on your service, showing they would soon miss your exclusive offer. 



Upon the expiry of the unique deadline assigned to the specific user, they get the “sorry, you missed out” reprimand preventing them from re-accessing your offer page regardless of how much they try to cheat it.




How can you use Deadline Funnel to introduce a sense of scarcity to your marketing?



You can improve your conversion rates from your marketing campaigns if you make your offers appear more transient. 



Deadline funnel allows you to achieve such compelling urgency by creating product launches equipped with evergreen campaigns.




Using generic deadlines for all your prospects doesn’t work anymore in today’s marketing. The winning way is using scarcity marketing tools like Deadline Funnel to sync unique deadline countdown timers across several pages in your marketing funnels.


Deadline funnel allows you to keep up with your leads across several phases of your funnel. This tool gives you significant freedom when customizing your follow-up emails for your prospects. 



Consequently, Deadline Funnel can overwhelm you with results when used for promoting events and services like evergreen promotions, webinars, special offers, and virtual summits.



If you are using a tool like ActiveCampaign for your marketing automation, you will do well to consider Deadline Funnel. 



Deadline Funnel is very useful for building evergreen webinar funnels and can prove valuable for promoting online services like consultations, selling digital products like online courses and ebooks, and a general boost in subscriptions.




However, suppose you are already comfortable with the results from using scarcity marketing alternatives like Thrive Ultimatum. In that case, they may be no big need to switch to Deadline Funnel. 



We will be extensively touching on the comparison between Thrive Ultimatum and Deadline Funnel subsequently.







Some features make Deadline Funnel the standout performer in the scarcity marketing niche. Let us look through some of these features and how they work on Deadline Funnel.



Deadline Funnel allows you to create evergreen funnel campaigns



One common strategy to boost conversions today is giving discounts or special offers to new subscribers. Such new subscriber discounts typically work best when allocating designated ultimatums to them. 



Traditionally, these countdown timers start counting once a user lands on your opt-in page.



Now opposed to using a one-for-all deadline for every lead you have, Deadline Funnel allows you to create customized timelines for each prospect that remain evergreen and unique to them. 



Hence, the timer starts counting down immediately the lead gets on that designated page, and after the allocated time, the offer expires for that very user.



You will agree that your marketing campaigns will flop if your leads can bypass your deadlines. If a user sees “2 hours left” in your countdown timer, comes back 90 minutes later, and sees “2 hours left”, he is most likely to underrate the supposed urgency of such ultimatum.¬†



This is why your timers have to be evergreen for every prospect. How do you achieve this with Deadline funnel?



To start, navigate to “Create a new campaign”, clicking on the conspicuous green “Evergreen” box.

It is now left to you to decide which action you want to activate the timer counting. Such a trigger could be when someone clicks on a link, when he lands on a page or when a lead opts into your email list.

Now set other details like expiry time, your main sales page URL, what you would like to name countdown’s name, and where you want your users redirected in the event of missing the deadline expiring (without them taking needed action).¬†

After specifying these inputs, you can save and move on to the final stage.


There you are! Deadline Funnel now allocates you a tracking code that you would integrate into any page you want to monitor user activity. 

You may choose not to copy your tracking code immediately and skip this step. However, this is vital to the completion of your marketing funnel. When you are done, you can click the “Finish” button!



Achieve compelling product launch campaigns



Aside from the diversity and peculiarity Deadline Funnel gives you with customized timers, you can also achieve fixed product launch campaigns with this premium scarcity marketing tool. 



In this scenario, Deadline Funnel can be configured such that all your leads have the same deadlines.



This can be further enhanced with evergreen campaigns for new buyers after the main product launch. How can you get a classic product launch campaign running on Deadline Funnel?



Go to your dashboard.



Click on the “Create a new campaign” button. After that, pick the visible blue “Product Launch box” since you want all your prospects to have fixed deadlines. As you can see, the other box is for customized evergreen deadlines.



Selecting the former, as said, will initiate the configuration of the product launch campaign.



Now, you can fill up the details of your product launch campaign. 

Here, you will need to input similar details as we did for our evergreen campaign. This includes the main sales page’s URL, what you are tagging the countdown, the expiry date, and a possible redirect URL in case the timeline expires.

You will also need to input additional details like the email provider you are using for the product launch campaign, the sales page builder, and even the type of product you are launching. 

Good! Now, save and move on to the next phase.

The next thing is installing the Deadline Funnel script in your website’s header section. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the script into your respective website pages after you install Deadline Funnel on your website.

Now click “Finish.”

You will see that the funnel is filled with the aforementioned data you provided for the product launch campaign. Your countdown timer now gets set.

You may choose to confirm the efficacy of the fixed product launch campaign by backdating your launch ultimatum. 


So if upon visiting the sales page, you get redirected (to the URL you provided for expired timelines), you are good to go as it is working correctly.



Accurately tracks your prospects across multiple devices


Like it or not, you will encounter pretty smart leads who would want to bypass your timers. They could attempt to boycott the urgency you create by changing their browsers and other personal information. 


However, Deadline Funnel’s evergreen timelines are impregnable as this tool fervently tracks your leads via their IPs and cookies.


This way, when the same prospect switches his device, possibly after previously opting into the sales funnel with another device, Deadline Funnel can intelligently determine that it is that same prospect. 


Consequently, the evergreen countdown remains for such prospects, accurately correlating with when they opted in.



Seamlessly integrate with top email marketing service providers and page builders


Deadline funnel offers you a universal platform to easily integrate your favorite email marketing service providers. 


This tool is compatible with the eminent likes of ActiveCampaign, Aweber, ConvertKit, Drip, Hubspot, MailChimp, and Infusionist. 


Suppose your email marketing service provider appears not available for automated integration. In that case, there is yet the possibility of getting it working by fitting your opt-in page with a Deadline Funnel tracking code.


Do you think that is all the integration you stand to enjoy with Deadline funnel? No. 

Deadline funnel allows you also to integrate your page builders. This saves you the infamous API integration troubles when incorporating page builders to scarcity marketing solutions.


You can equip your landing pages with countdown timers


Landing pages are the ideal hubs for countdown timers as conversions are badly needed there. Deadline Funnel enables you to enjoy massive conversions from your landing pages. 


The diversity of the timer styling allows for seamless compatibility with your business’s emails. Admittedly, Deadline Funnel should have done a bit better to improve the versatility of the styling options.


Well, this deficiency is compensated for by availing you with a broad spectrum of timers for your landing pages. You could choose to explore floating bar designs that stick to your leads as they scroll through the page, reinforcing the urgency.



What are other business owners saying?


Many business owners, even small brands, have enjoyed remarkable success by adopting Deadline Funnel for their scarcity marketing campaigns. 


These businesses have transformed their revenue accrual by experiencing tremendous leaps in sales, webinar signups, consultation, or even email subscribers. 


Wouldn’t you like to know some of these guys who are maximizing Deadline Funnel?


  1. Nagina Abdullah


Nagina deployed Deadline Funnel in overhauling her MasalaBody.com brand. She rose quickly through blogging to consultancy, consequently enjoying an enviable hike in her revenue. From making a couple of thousands monthly, Nagina now makes about $30k per month. Not bad for a small business, right?


2. Jasmine Star


Undoubtedly,  Jasmine  Star is one of Deadline Funnel scarcity marketing stars. She used this tool to sell webinar passes running into $1,800 to her innovative Insta180 webinar in barely 21 hours.



3. Melyssa Griffin


Melissa¬†has been able to multiply her sales five times, running over $1 million from about $200k using automated deadline funnels. Who doesn’t like seven figures?



4.Alanna Kaivalya 


Within five months,¬†Alanna¬†grew her yoga business five times using Deadline Funnel. So marvelous was the business transformation that she bagged Ontraport’s “Ontrpreneur of the Year” award.



5. Navid Moazzez


Navid Moazzez utilized Deadline Funnel in accruing 2,100 sales and 26,000 email subscribers for his List Building School Summit.



A comparison between Deadline Funnel and its alternatives like Thrive Ultimatum


Deadline Funnel is the leading scarcity marketing solution for creating evergreen campaigns. Deadline Funnel distinguishes itself primarily for its software integration excellence and extensive personalization.


The closest we can mention to Deadline Funnel for creating evergreen countdowns is Thrive Ultimatum.


However, Thrive Ultimatum is handicapped by its restricted email integration capabilities as it doesn’t have as many integration options as Dead Funnel.¬†


Another significant limitation with Thrive Ultimatum is that it is incompatible with non-WordPress websites. 


However, there is more to know about the competition between Thrive Ultimatum and Deadline Funnel.


How about we delve into a Deadline Funnel vs Thrive Ultimatum comparison?


To begin, Deadline Funnel is cloud-based making it more universal and flexible. On the other hand, Thrive Ultimatum is strictly a WordPress countdown plugin. 


You have the option of buying Thrive Ultimatum for a one-time fee or as a component of a Thrive Themes entire suite.


Thrive Ultimatum will charge you $97 for one website when going for a one-time fee. There is no restriction on the number of timers you can create here. 


Such an unlimited number of timers also extends to the five-websites Thrive Ultimatum subscription allows. This comes at a one-time fee of $147. 


You would have to part with a monthly fee of $47 to use this solution on your clients’ websites. Such a one-time subscription differentiates Thrive Ultimatum from Deadline Funnel, being that the latter doesn’t come with a one-time fee subscription. On Deadline Funnel, you only pay yearly or monthly.


Thrive Ultimatum does well to mirror some of Dead Funnel’s core features closely. So you can replicate your evergreen countdown timers easily with Thrive Ultimatum.¬†


You can also maximize the drag and drop visual editor to customize your timers, giving them an enhanced aesthetic appeal ‚Äď locating your timers just anywhere that suits you on your website.¬†


With Thrive Ultimatum, you can also enjoy CSS timer color customization, which you don’t have with Deadline Funnel, which you don’t have with Deadline Funnel.


However, you would be asking too much of Thrive Ultimatum if you expect Deadline Funnel’s outstanding email integration versatility.¬†


Therefore, it is unfortunate that you can’t embed countdowns in your email newsletters.


You will agree this significantly slashes down its appeal as our email marketing campaigns would be starved of that crucial scarcity element. 


As said, anywhere outside WordPress is a no-no for Thrive Ultimatum. Nonetheless, if you are working with a WordPress site, Thrive Ultimatum is a formidable alternative to Deadline Funnel.





Of course, you should already be curious to know the cost for all the marvel Deadline Funnel offers. You can select from three pricing plans. 


These are the Freelance, Professional, and Consultant plans. The Freelance plan is recommended if you are just starting and are pretty unsure of the range of capabilities you want to explore with Deadline Funnel.


This freelance plan comes at a monthly fee of $37. This gives you three campaigns for the month and a monthly thousand leads. 


You can also enjoy fluid email and chat customer support. The live chat support runs from 9 am to 6 pm EST, while email support runs through the weekend. 


You may not enjoy the fastest possible customer support on the freelance plan. This basic plan is upgradable to the Professional and Consultant plans, which are advanced options.


On the Professional plan, there is no maximum cap on the number of campaigns you can run. You enjoy as many as 10,000 leads monthly. 


Admittedly, customer support in this plan is more interactive and faster than the freelance plan. You can get all these for $67 monthly.


Lastly, there is the consultant pricing plan. This is the preferable option if you are an agency instead of a solopreneur business. 


Similarly, you can run as many campaigns as you desire. You are lavished with 100,000 leads every month, and you can use Deadline Funnel for up to five clients. You enjoy super-fast customer support, including phone calls, live chat, and email correspondence. Here your complaints are prioritized.


You must not dive into the paid version at once. Deadline Funnel allows you to test the water and see how fitting the software is for you with a 14-day free trial.



How much technical experience do you need to use Deadline Funnel?


No technical experience? No problem. Deadline Funnel boasts one of the most straightforward dashboards you will ever see from a scarcity market solution. 


The interface is simple and easy to navigate through. The only bit of technicality involved is inserting the Deadline Funnel script into your header section or the respective pages for which you desire a customized timer. 


For bigger websites, this could prove challenging based on the seeming multitude of website pages you need timers to reflect on.



Why Deadline Funnel is good for your business


Deadline Funnel is one of the most effective marketing tools to enjoy a rise in sales or conversion courtesy of the sense of urgency it brings to your marketing.


In contrast to the generality of scarcity marketing tools which offer you deadlines of at least 24 hours, Deadline Funnels allows you to set your deadline to even minutes. 


This can be very effective in displaying time-bound discount offers using evergreen content.


With Deadline Funnel, you could also build a pre-launch page that is displayed to your visitors if they visit the page before the activation of the countdown timer. 


On such a pre-launch page, you can inform the visitors of the non-availability of the offer, possibly offering to notify them when it does. Such prospects are automatically informed when the funnel goes live.


In a modern marketing age where a second delay in loading speed can cost you thousands of dollars in prospective sales, you will find it relieving that Deadline funnel doesn’t reduce your site loading speed.¬†


Deadline funnel is built so that the scripts load in the background when your main page loads. So your website is not slowed down.


Life is easier with Deadline Funnels when you want to make modifications to the outlook of your timers. You don’t have to stress going through every page or email, modifying the codes.


You can automatically get all changes reflected in the timer (at whatever page they are) by simply tweaking your deadline funnel dashboard.


In all, Deadline funnel is your best shot at enjoying the maximum effect of urgency when executing your marketing campaigns. 


If you are unsure, you can explore the 14-days trial version. You should be making so much from your marketing campaigns, don’t waste another lead. Get Deadline Funnel today and transform your business.