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In 2014, one of the most seasoned online marketers, Russell Brunson, changed the world of digital marketing by creating Clickfunnels.

Since then, Clickfunnels has grown massively into one of the world’s most effective sales funnel builders bringing more spice to online selling.  Today, Clickfunnels’ ready-made templates are very handy for any online vendor with digital and physical products to sell.

Clickfunnels is simplified. It works well with some of the best email autoresponders and the world’s leading payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal. This makes payment processing safer and quicker – all done on one integrated platform.  For all the dazzle Clickfunnels lavishes on us, it is understandable that it comes at a cost.

There are two fundamental pricing models with Clickfunnels. There is a standard plan, which has a monthly cost of $97. This one is limited, and you can own up to three domains. The more advanced plan (with virtually unlimited features) is the Etison Suite plan, with a monthly cost of $297. Of course, there is no denying that the price is hefty.

It may almost look like a gamble, investing so much in a sales funnel builder without having to see things practically for yourself first– to attest if an investment in Clickfunnels is worth trying. Russell Brunson and his team understand your curiosity or skepticism quite enough to allow you to harness the vast functionalities of Clickfunnels at no cost for a specific time window via the Clickfunnels free trial.

In this session, we will learn extensively about how this free trial works and some of the commonly asked questions.

How long is the Clickfunnels free trial, ideally?

There are varying suppositions about the interval of the free trial program from Clickfunnels. Possibly across the internet, you have seen multiple websites offering you the 14 days Clickfunnels free trial while others offer you 30 days. This can be confusing, right?

The reality is that some time ago, there used to be a 14-day trial period and a 30-day extended trial period. Well, as for now, the only official Clickfunnels free trial is 14 days. The 30-day extended trial comes intermittently when you sign up on some specific days or via other affiliates. This is quite comprehensive.  

In this official 14-day trial, you can access the Standard plan and the Etison Suite plan. Within these 14 days, you should accurately determine (after an extensive exploration of the features Clickfunnels presents) if this software is fitting for your marketing objectives.

So far, so good, you wouldn’t be the first marketer trying out Clickfunnels. Hundreds of both big and small marketers have tried out Clickfunnels, and from what we know, a significant fraction is overjoyed with their investment.

What can you explore during this Clickfunnels free trial?

There are several decisive functionalities you should check out during this free trial period. To start with, you should determine the ease of use of the software. In this demo period, you will get to see that the software is simple to use and flexible, requiring no programming experience from you. You can manipulate features like elements, rows, and columns however you want it.

During this Clickfunnels free trial period, you could delve into the advanced text editing functionality. This way, you would try your hands at building astonishing landing pages that convert admirably.

You should also try out the analytics and reporting tools that can help you measure your audience activity and engagement levels. You can tell if your click rate is rising or falling, as well as the dwell time visitors are spending on your funnels. 

Understandably, it would be challenging to test out the over 40 pre-built templates (as well as the nine drag and drop sales funnels) extensively in Clickfunnels’ repertoire. Yet you should be able to work your way around a couple of the most famous ones like webinar funnels, membership funnels, and product launch funnels.

It would be wise also to check out the payment processors if the options are compatible with those allowed in your country. Typically, Clickfunnels allows payment via credit cards, Stripe, Paypal, and other third-party payment gateways.

Is there a limit to the type of products you can sell during your Clickfunnels free trial?

No, there is no limit. You can sell just anything like it is a paid plan. You can sell digital and physical products on your free trial. It is all simple. Pick the products you want to sell and affix their prices. Then you can add more information on the products you are selling to your order form.

Therefore, within this demo period, you can sell digital products like webinars, membership subscriptions, etc., directing successful conversions to a “Thank You” page – of which you can even further upsell. If you are selling physical products, you should talk about fulfillment and how you would get ordered products shipped to customers.

Tips to make the best conversions when using the demo

Despite being on a Clickfunnels free trial, nothing stops you from maximizing this demo period in achieving the best sales. To get more conversions during your trial period, you should derive premium value from the one-click upselling feature. Of course, the upsell feature would be powerless if your sales funnels are not beautifully (and strategically) built in the first place.

 If the product you want to sell is quite pricey, then you would want to generate robust excitement or anticipation from your audience ahead of the release of your product. You can leverage product launch funnels on Clickfunnels to agitate your prospects awaiting your upcoming product. 

If your product is relatively technical and needs more visual appeal to sell, then you could try out video sales letter funnels on Clickfunnels, where you let your audience in on the merchandise more adeptly.

Finally, you can also maximize the Backpack feature (if you are on the Etison Suite demo) to get the best from your affiliate program. This makes selling much easier and more diversified.