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The Christmas turkey is well finished by now, and as the festivities wane, we are thrust into the professional part of 2021.


Yes, the days are running fast already in 2021, and soon you will be cutting another birthday cake. Oh, sorry to remind you you are getting old. Life is too sweet, and like Jay Z, we all want to be Forever Young!

Of course, with every passing year comes marketing evolutions—new strategies for every new year. 

As a marketer, you can’t afford to be old school as your rivals would readily dispose of your brand into the dustbins. 

You need to keep up with change, integrating new strategies with glittering reward prospects. So here are some sexy marketing strategies that you probably hadn’t heard of in 2021.

Your audience is getting bored to death with promotions

Our world is littered with promotions. People are being shown ads even in their dreams. The advertisement war is getting more ferocious as brands fight viscously to burgle into the hearts of their target consumers.

marketing strategies in 2020

However, the effect of these promotions is reaching saturation, with calls to action increasingly losing their power. 


Yet this doesn’t spell outright doom for marketing. Instead, it calls for “cosmetic surgery” on marketing to make it more beautiful and enchanting. This is storytelling.


It is more of teaching now than selling. How does this sound? 


If you don’t know, people are getting increasingly greedier with their dollars. They won’t readily give it to you if you don’t educate them first. 


The power of storytelling in marketing makes your brand message more relatable, embedding human emotions and real-life scenarios.


This compels your audience to take action. 


By storytelling, we don’t mean a suspenseful Steven Spielberg movie. We mean getting your audience thrilled by your brand story.


This domesticates your marketing, building filial bonds between your brand and your customer. Once your audience sees you as a family, buying is only as natural as Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes Benz.


Make the best of your customer loyalty


If you have loyal customers, congratulations, you have gold on your hands. Loyal customers can be your volunteer evangelists crusading for your brand unpaid. 


Isn’t this beautiful? 


Loyal customers will go the length of amplifying your brand awareness, allowing you to virally diffuse their networks.


Ultimately, you amass an overwhelming customer base from referrals.

marketing strategies in 2020

People naturally take recommendations from their friends and loved ones more strongly. 

Such personalized recommendations trump the appeal of your promotion on newspapers, the internet, or TV. But there is even more you can do with your customer loyalty.

Get your brand positively raging on social media by asking your loyal customers to post great reviews for you on Facebook, Instagram, and the rest. 

Abracadabra! Yes, it works like magic. People automatically trust your brand once their friends can genuinely attest to the potency of your product or services. 

User-generated content is fast becoming the Holy Grail for marketers on social media. Encourage your loyal customers to tell their stories with your brand.

Ask your loyal customers to create online reviews for you. Many people no longer like taking the first slice of the dish. 

They prefer first asking someone who had the first slice. Similarly, buyers are diligently scouring for reviews before they buy. 

Therefore, a pile of genuine positive reviews would consolidate your credibility and popularity, making you a celebrity in your niche.

Of course, in our world, where we are so busy that we don’t brush as far as our molars, you can’t always expect your customers to create the time to write great reviews for you for free. 

You would have to incentivize them possibly. Give them discounts for such reviews, hold paid contests to spur customers to disburse the message. Sorry, nothing comes for free – not even in the Vatican City.

You should be looking at virtual reality, augmented reality, and AI solutions

Well, it is quite natural when you hear of virtual and augmented reality to say “Nah…let us leave that for those with science majors or gamers”. 

However, augmented reality is furiously permeating society and would be a lucrative addition to your marketing this year. Facebook is aggressively exploring an interactive digital world called the Metaverse.

marketing strategies in 2020

Customers are falling more for the charm of immersive experiences. This consolidates the potency of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) as contemporary marketing equipment. 

Marketers are thrilling customers with make-believe artificial realities as seen in VR, while AR flavors live view with sensational digital elements.

Siri, Alexa, and other artificial intelligence (AI) systems have become so cool with widespread societal adoption. Forecasts from OC&C Strategy Consultants predict that by 2022, 55% of homes will incorporate AI solutions. 

Therefore you see how society is savoring AI. Thus if you don’t jump on the AI bandwagon in 2021, you will be left chasing the pack endlessly.

This year, software developers will be unleashing the marvel of AI on marketing by creating smart AI-powered marketing solutions for businesses. 

This would help you accurately woo your customers with more personalized and intelligent marketing. Increased efficiency and improved customer experiences would be assured by-products of integrating virtual, augmented reality, and AI into your marketing in 2021.

Sales funnels would have to be more personalized

You can’t afford to go generic in your marketing in 2021. Impersonalized marketing would be taking its rightful place beside the dinosaurs — extinct! 

Precisely customized marketing would be the in-thing in 2021. Customers want you to be their buddies. This explains why every segment of the sales funnel has to be really personalized. 


marketing strategies in 2020

Every interaction has to be garnished with more individualized charm—no more one general stroke for different folks. 


Personalization certainly will have to do with meticulous customer data processing, and machine learning is making this very realistic.


Dynamic funnel marketing, therefore, would bring in more results. You can’t just throw every prospect down the same sales funnels.


Sales funnels now have to be dynamically modified to handle categorized leads. 


These are prospects categorized across interests, demography, and more.


Make sure every digital marketing campaign you run has its designated landing page. 

Don’t try to dump everyone on one all in all landing destination. 


The content of such encompassing landing page would surely be too generalist to appeal to every member of your prospective audience. Ensure the right content is shot at the right audience for maximal captivation and engagement.


For example, upon obtaining customer data, you can proceed with creating dynamic sales funnels customized to their recent history. This could be their buying history or store visits.


So rather than your prospects jumping off your sales funnels in disinterest, these customized sales funnels ( personalized to their interest) push your leads romantically through all segments to ultimate conversion. 


With more personalized sales funnels, you wouldn’t be trying to put a nun in a sales funnels to ultimately call you for family planning. Haha!


Integrate Contextual targeting into your marketing strategy

Targeting is becoming more cumbersome in the face of more stringent laws stiffening data acquisition. Therefore, it is necessary to explore alternative options that don’t lose their efficiency with thinning data. 

This is contextual targeting.

Contextual works well without data, targeting individual user sessions more while focusing on the content customers are more likely to engage in. 

Further advancements in machine learning will enable brands to have more accurate predictive modeling and advanced customer insights from individual user sessions.

Here is an easygoing example of basic contextual targeting. So you are a business that sells earphones. 

With contextual marketing, you would place your ad on a website that sells phones. This is logical because people who buy phones are more likely to buy earphones.

Your audience will love you more for live streaming

Alright, I agree, live streaming is not wholesomely new as it has been around for some years now. However, the bomb is that live streaming would gain more potency this year. 

You may be curious why 2021?

Well, it is almost established that your audience will be drifting enormously to video content this year. 

The increasing enchantment for video is not unnatural. Take, for example, how many movies have you watched this year and how many novels have you read this year? 

Most likely, the films are going to multiply the novels. Hey, don’t beat yourself. It is normal, and it is the increasing inclination to visual content. 

Traditionally, we prefer visual communication; we want to see, feel and interact with content. This is why long-distance relationships suffer because of the dearth of such visual engagement in real life. 

The same scenario applies to your marketing. Live streaming enables your audience to visually engage with you in real-time. 

Don’t forget, customers will feel more for a brand that they have seen than that they have read about. Please don’t argue with me on that. It is a fact.

You should invest in ephemeral content

It is true we all love permanence in our investments. Not everyone likes having to renovate their investment. 

The energy required and, of course, the money is a turnoff. If it was possible, we would ask our spouses to refrigerate the rose flowers we give to them so the flowers stay fresh and we don’t have to buy them new ones.

Unfortunately and interestingly, ephemerality is becoming the spicy trend. Your audience wants it fresh and new. If it is old, it is getting deported to the waste bin.

Ephemeral content is becoming more savored, and you definitely have to bring them into your marketing. 

The modern digital audience wants their news feed oozing freshness. 

The freshness in ephemeral content embroiders your brand with more authenticity. 

Your audience will appreciate that you post content in real-time. 

As a brand, the social media constitution doesn’t forbid you from sharing in the frenzy of Stories.

marketing strategies in 2020

Do you think Stories are just for idle fun obsessed individuals who are stuck to their phones on the toilet seat? 

Come on, get emancipated from that old-school ideology, get modern. It is marvelously effective to have your Stories (as a business) on your customers’ feeds.

More than just keeping your brand stationed at the frontiers of their consciousness, it brings this “human” edge to your brand. 

Customers are more likely to interact with such Stories emotionally. Your brand image must not always be dressed in suits (formal approach). 

Sometimes your brand needs to be presented even in swimming trunks (casual, friendly, and lively approach).

However, you should necessarily dilute the marketing concentration of such ephemeral content. Note that ephemeral content shouldn’t always be sale pitches gripping your audience by the scruff of their neck to buy. They will get fed up.

Once again, ephemeral content is an excellent place for humanized storytelling as a brand. Just let your audience bask in the human side of your brand.


You can also try social TV and vertical videos

The new age is struggling with the “smart epidemic.” Most times, we are on our smartphones, liking a Marlboro (cigarette) sponsored post even in church!

Such smartphone addiction has evolved into risen vertical usage of your phones. This has resulted, therefore, in increased vertical videos on social media. And in line with this has been the rapid emergence of social TV.

You can joke with anything in the world but not with marketers.

Marketers are already hungrily sniffing the marketing opportunities in the likes of IGTV, where users can post long-form videos and create channels on Instagram. 

There are elder siblings to IGTV like Snap Originals and YouTube TV. All these social TVs present immensely lucrative marketing opportunities to engage your audience better.

The worst mistake you could make is conservatively imprisoning your brand in geekiness by refusing to jump on the latest social media crazes. 

Your customers love your brand wild, crazy and modern, so don’t present your brand in an overly reserved way like you want to win the Nobel Prize for introvertedness.

So there we are with some sexy marketing strategies for the year 2021. 

These “figure 8” marketing strategies will lucratively reward you if you are bold enough to adopt them into your marketing this New Year. 

Obviously, the sexiness of these strategies is more in their weirdness. Remember Jason Momoa’s (Aquaman) hairy curls and beards don’t look conventional, yet in that weirdness and roughness is the bulk of his sexiness!