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When it comes to creating an excellent niche for your business website or personal blog, you’ve got to engage a perfect keyword research tool. With a good SEO keyword and content marketing tool, you’ll not only expand your client base, but also dominate the market and stay ahead of your competitors. The second person to visit the moon may not necessarily like Neil Armstrong as everyone asks about Armstrong and not about him. Thus, the battle is to be the first among your rivals.


Whether you are an e-commerce sites’ manager, B2B marketer, serial blogger, owner of business or personal site, reeling out large blog posts and content, an effective SEO tool will help you stay high in Google ranking, producing incredible competition analysis and results. Now, who doesn’t want to rank higher on Google?


Here, I will be making a hands-on review of Long Tail Pro, one of the most intriguing keyword research tools that you can find out there. All I will be telling you here is not from the blues, neither did I brainstorm them after two gulping a lake of beer. They are a result of what I practically experienced using Long Tail Pro, especially as it contributes to niche reach and visibility.


Now, let us get down to it proper.


What is Long Tail Pro?


It is simply a keyword research tool which helps users to quickly search for low-competition keywords for their site and blog; effectively helping them to rank better on search engines. Although particularly designed to help users who are into search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research, Long Tail Pro tool has been widely deployed by advertisers to make paid ads on Google.

Once I logged into Long Tail Pro and inputted the primary keyword on its keyword search bar, I was bombarded with a bulk of keywords – an obese dish of keywords to say. That is to say with the tool, I have unlimited access to monthly keyword search volume, ad bids, large pool of keywords, Google ranking and rank value,  as well as my favorite competitor analysis. I know my competitors wouldn’t like it that I was sneaking in on the SEO skeletons in their cupboard, but who cares?


What You will Like About Long Tail Pro


Here are some delicious aspects that got us drooling for Long Tail Pro.


A user-friendly interface


 Long Tail Pro tool has a user interface that is simple and easy to interact with. I didn’t have to go through any complex processes before quickly inputting what I needed to on each page. Its design is not complex and users can easily log in and retrieve the information they need. This saved me an additional headache as my Netflix had stopped working earlier on in the day.


Multiple Keyword Options


When you search for keywords, the tool offers you multiple options to input seed keyword. There are basically three options which it generates keyword suggestions. These are related keywords, competitors keywords, and manual keywords through. Fair enough I would say.


Allows for multiple Seed Keywords at a time


I found Long Tail Pro incredible when it comes to keyword search. You can input as many as five keywords at a time into the ‘seed keyword’ input bar



Multilingual flexibility


 The tool is for the world not just English speaking countries. You don’t have to worry if you can’t understand English. The tool has many language options besides English and you can change the options even while offline. So for those who would prefer to go to Hell if the angel at Heaven’s gate welcomed them in English, Long Tail Pro got you covered in lingual diversity.


Offline options


 One thing you will find amazing about Long tail Pro is that you can use some of its features even while you are not connected to the internet. For example, you can change the language options as well as the keyword category search option when offline. So if you are a data-miser who want to send AT&T to bankruptcy, Long Tail Pro gladly welcomes you on board!  





From many of the tools I have used before now, very few can measure up to Long Tail Pro when it comes to giving leverage to multiple projects for multiple websites or blogs.

I could organize my keywords per site, category or method in different projects.




Advanced Features



Long tail Pro has an advanced features option that can only be used by pro plan subscribers. I would call it a “financial apartheid” as those with lower subscription plans are disenfranchised from the advanced features; but on a second thought that is a common technique among SEO tool providers to get you unzipping your purse to spend more.

As you know spending more on these tools means less money for my dreams of staying in Beverley Hills – so painful!

As shown above, Long Tail Pro apart from the regular features has advanced features button which you can put off and on at will to be able to access more options and functionalities.

Having said all these nice things about Long Tail Pro, I will sadly have to put on my sunglasses and go hard on Long Tail Pro pertaining to those grey areas I didn’t exactly like.


What needs to be improved in Long Tail Pro


Sorry, it wasn’t all rosy. There are some aspects that got us grumbling.


Slow search time


It takes some time before the each page is loaded to give results. So, I had to wait longer than usual before the information I requested for comes. This regardless of whether you have super-fast network.

This was boring and kind of exhaustive especially as I had a date with a cheerleader hence I never wanted any delay. Certainly, I would say that the bandwidth can be increased to allow users to enjoy the tool.


Limited number of seed keyword and keyword suggestion


 Long Tail Pro restricts you to a certain number of seed keyword you can put in each categories of the keyword options. It also has a limit to the number of keyword suggestions it provides.

Precisely, under the related keywords category, Long Tail Pro only permits you to input five words but will only produce 400 suggestions per keyword.

This also applies to the competitor keyword category. Here, you can only input one seed keyword with only 20 as maximum results per URL. Also, under the manual category, the tool will allow you to input 200 keywords. Although the limit of the third category is considerable, it can still be extended to a 1000 or more. Personally, I wanted more.


Short Free Trial Period


The window for free trial is too short especially for site and blog owners who would prefer to take some time to learn all the benefits the tool will offer them once they start using it. The trial period can be extended to accommodate enough time to study the huge benefits the tool offers before choosing to make a paid subscription. After all, money is hard to make isn’t it?



Pricing may be too high for small e-commerce start-ups and e-store owners who are just new and small players in their market in the e-industry. Long Tail Pro offers two plans, one is the Long Tail Starter Plan which costs $25 per month. With this you can have as many as 10,000 keyword searches per month. You could also have access to Long Tail Bootcamp valued at $127.

The second plan is the Long Tail Annual Pro Plan which goes for $45 per month with a guarantee of 25,000 keyword searches per month including unlimited access to Long Tail Bootcamp. The annual cost of the starter plan is $297.00 /year at 100 keywords per day. Well, I suppose it is worth spending on Long Tail Pro in the long run though.


How to Sign up for and Use Long Tail Pro Services


The first step is to sign up for a free trial which lasts for seven days. However, before you can start using the free version, you’ll be required to input your billing information, email and details of your Credit (Master or Visa) Card. Now, here is where many get jittery. Don’t worry, Long Tail Pro are no con masters. Feel free to terminate after the seven days trial and no one would take a dime from you.

After this, you will need to activate your account and once you’re done with this step, as customary, you’ll be required to put your password. You may decide to save your password information for future use.  

After taking the initial sign up and account activation steps, you will need to install the software into your computer and then follow the below four key steps to find valuable long tail keywords with Long Tail Pro:

  1. Create a keyword project in Long Tail by clicking on the yellow button on the left top corner of your screen to create a keyword project. In the pop up that comes up, input the following details: Project Title, Keyword language, Include adult ideas, and Targeting.
  2. Start searching for important keywords by clicking the “Find keywords” button. A pop up will come up where you’ll input the keyword you’re looking for.
  3. Analyze the keyword Competitiveness
  4. Select the keyword you want


The Structure and Mechanism of Long Tail Pro


As indicated below, Long Tail Pro has seven layers of structures, each giving relevant information about the functionality of the tool.


Keyword Research category

Here, you are able to search for and find as many as possible keywords you need for your website or blog. In this category, you have access to manual, competitor and related keywords and each search box offers you opportunities to request for keywords and get search engine results page to improve your website.

No big deal, all you need do is input your seed keyword, click ‘Retrieve’ and then wait for Long Tail Pro to do its magic bringing a mouthwatering bunch of keywords with average keyword competitiveness (Avg. KC) score, as well as Volume, Bid, Words, and Rank Value.

You will need to find out more on keyword competitiveness, score, but note that the older and more authoritative your website is the higher the KC score the tool search you get.  


SERP Analysis

Long Tail Pro has a competitor analysis screen that helps you have a strong leap into the way your site or blog can rank above your competitor in Google. I particularly like this as I had always loved to do that CIA spy thing. Well, since I hadn’t got the stomach to be drafted to Russia, I guess all I do is collect intelligence on the SEO of my competitors.


Through SERP Analysis, you can engage in competitor analysis examining top web pages that rank for specific keywords you input in the search box. The competitor analysis of Long Tail Pro allows you to carry out your own analysis on the keyword. In order to follow what the first page of Google (organic traffic) looks like you can click on the keyword and get a more in-depth competitor analysis screen.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is a unique feature of Long Tail Pro. With this icon, I could easily and seamlessly track how my keywords drive more traffic in Google. All I had to do was input my keywords in the rank tracker and Long Tail Pro produced results of Google ranking within the last 24 hours. Of course, I had options to change and know the country where your keywords are performing highest on Google ranking.


Video Tutorials


For the Amazon and Netflix freaks – lovers of video just like me who would prefer watching Game of Thrones rather than evacuating when the aliens invade – Long Tail Pro has got you some tasty pizzas.

One great feature Long Tail Pro prides itself in is the video tutorials. There are two categories of the Tutorials: the Long Tail Bootcamp and Long Tail University. This tutorials are in sessions, ranging from Lesson 1 to 14 for the Bootcamp while the University category begin from lesson 3 through 15 then to Webinar 1-5. Each of the lessons and sessions teaches the best approach to keyword research and other relevant visual information that you need on content marketing.


Customer Help

The last section of the Long Tail Pro structure is the amazing help feature that enables you to ask as many questions as you want from the customer support services. This comes in a number of ways up to six help options. I love this because I really have a knack for asking questions. My teachers back in school didn’t like me much as I made them work harder than their pay because of my rigorous questioning.


Unique Functions of Long Tail Pro at a Glance


  • It gives you suggested keyword ideas from different platforms including Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon and more, all in one place. In that way, you can find as many as possible keywords that have not been tapped by your competitor or that they don’t know about.
  • The tool offers you super in-depth information on each seed and competitor keyword. From Long Tail Pro, you receive the amount of data you’d expect including search volume). You will get how many keyword searchers actually click on a result.
  • It works both for SEO pros and newbies because it has features that allow users to get a lot of search trends, organic competition and traffic estimates of keywords.
  • Long Tail Pro connects users straight to tap into Google’s massive keyword database. In that way, you’re sure every data you receive is both authentic and legit.
  • Long Tail Pro allows you to generate long tail keywords for your specific target audience. You can input any keywords under any topic and the tool provides you with hundreds of niche long tail keywords to use.



My Final thoughts


With my personal experience using Long Tail Pro, I am bold to say that it remains one of the nicest tools you can rely on to boost your website ranking as well as blog posts and content while growing the organic visibility of your business.

Since Long Tail Pro is a tool essentially designed to help users search for competition keywords for their websites and blogs, whether business or personal, it functions optimally to fulfill all vacuum it comes to fill in SEO industry. Interestingly, with the Video tutorials, you’re able to get fully immersed the world of this amazing tool.

Now Long Tail Pro falls into my good book as much as SEMrush as both really impressed me particularly on  competitor analysis and keyword research. On a more expansive view however, SEMrush would be a better choice over Long Tail Pro. This is because SEMrush brings in an additional crowd of functionalities like Keyword tracking, site audits, monthly search reports as well as domain to domain comparison.

However, if I look at the cost (which I always do), choosing Long Tail Pro over SEMRush would yet be justified considering that SEMRush is more expensive while Long Tail Pro is yet affordable for the sizable magic it does. All the same, both Long Tail Pro and SEMRush are devastatingly efficacious when it comes to locating well performing keywords.  


If you ask whether I will recommend Long Tail Pro essentially for keyword research, I would do that without thinking twice. And of course I don’t expect a bottle of Champagne for that recommendation from the owners of Long Tail Pro!