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build your website ranking

As a business today, not having a presence on the internet is a marketing suicide!  Internet marketing has become a very nutritious diet every brand needs to be fed with to fatten up profits and grow a plumper customer base. It is thus very important to build your website ranking.

The internet is now also a digital theater of war where brands are regularly waging war on each other, so if as a brand you don’t have troops stationed on the internet, your competitors will surely raid you and loot your customers. Such loyal troops as mentioned include well-optimized SEO content.


In a world where a million searches are going on every minute, clients searching for brands online –if you don’t build your build your website ranking, you are simply missing from the party. SEO optimization thereby entails how you build your website ranking within organic search results eventually allowing your site to gulp increased volume of traffic.

You can be sure that as you as you read the last sentence, throngs of people online have asked about the services you offer as a brand online. Now the quagmire is, is it your website that is showing in all those search results, or those of your competitors? This is why you should strongly build your website ranking to so as to ascend honorably into the top pages of search engines.

This makes SEO a nuclear weapon in digital marketing warfare, every brand should have it in its armory else it bleeds it clients as causalities. Thus let us look at some basics of SEO that every small business owner should know and how you could build your website ranking.


SEO is faithfully married to Keyword Optimization 


SEO is really extensive, but foundationally most white hat SEO techniques (which entails build your website ranking) are built around keyword optimization. Your website content should be strategically built around well-selected keywords. These keywords can be generated from surveys of what customers are frequently searching for. Now when you optimize your content around these keywords, the possibility gets higher that your website would appear in search results becoming a destination for the search queries of prospective customers. Having understood the importance of keyword optimization, it is, however, important to point out its delicacy. Don’t overdo the keyword stuffing, if you do so, search engines could possibly index your website as spam and pass over it. This will not build your website ranking but would rather cost you a crowd of potential customers from you .


Internal linking within your site is a heavy upgrade on your search engine ranking



One secret to illuminate all the hidden pages of your website giving them with good traffic is by means of weaving a vibrant network of well inter-connected links within your website. Visitors can easily migrate from one page to another on your website by a neural network of links, making sure your website becomes an encompassing one-stop destination for information in your niche. This is significantly build your website ranking.

Most importantly, this text of these links should be reinforced with the appropriate keywords. You shouldn’t focus on strictly “intra-ethnic” marriages of your website pages through internal linking; you could try also try an “inter-ethnic” marriage, going outside your website to marry your pages to other renowned website pages via external linking.

Such links would play the role of internet receptionists directing visitors from other sites to come and lodge in yours. This is handsomely rewarding if you want to build your website ranking.


Social media is a critical part of any SEO campaign


The world is all about social media now, we live in a new planet of hashtags and likes. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have become congested marketplaces where brands are regularly doing their window dressing to attract clients.

Thus social media should rightly be a leading general in your SEO army. When you boast a formidable presence on social media, it would definitely translate into improved search engine rankings.


So far we have nourished our marketing brains with some of the basics of SEO that every small business owner should know. All this SEO fuss is worth it considering clients even search for brands online on their toilet seats. With the right SEO optimization techniques, you spread sprawling nets across search engines ready to fish the next customer that makes a search query on your niche!