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social media marketing

Social media marketing is booming now, no doubts. Businesses have come to see that the biggest place to fish for new customers is social media. Social media marketing is getting littered with marketers as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are all laced with marketing landmines aimed at bombing social media users into sales.


social media marketing

Well so far social media has proven to be fertile enough for businesses to harvest their sales goals making a justification for the gallons of hours businesses pour into social media marketing today. But in the digital euphoria of social media marketing, there are still some red-card fouls that businesses commit in this game that they get penalized painfully for.

Let us explore some of the biggest stakes business owners make on SMM (social media marketing).



Spreading your resources about on several social media platforms carelessly without an organized strategy is one murderous way to chop down the productivity of your social media marketing. This is one mistake many budding businesses are guilty of. They have a limited army on social media but want to wage war on all social media frontiers.


social media

This dilutes the supposed impact a rather concentrated approach would produce. You can’t just spread all your resources extensively across all, rather give some mouthfuls and give some spoonfuls. You should place emphasis on some of the biggest platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram selectively. Make sure to actively engage customers there. When your roots grow deeply in those central platforms, stem would grow from those roots branching into other platforms.

A smart approach would be focusing on handpicked platforms say two or three in line with your social media strategy and judiciously watering these platforms with nourishing volume of time and content so your presence can grow from there.



Agreed it is not easy to follow up robustly on communication on social media, but it is duly worth all the hassle. Truth is grooming your social media is procedural and you may have to soak in effort and time. But definitely, it is not as hard as climbing the Eiffel tower on foot when you follow up and respond to messages, say on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

social media marketing

You have to see these messages as leads and follow up on them, the more satisfaction a customer drinks from you on social media, the drunker they tend to get with your brand. You have to put out very inspiring provocative messages to distinguish yourself from the drowning ocean of messages out there on social media. The customer would lose that sense of comradeship when you appear dumb to their messages. This is one unforgivable mistakes business owners make in their social media marketing activities.




Although this seems very conventional, the deep truth is this approach has practically withered in effectiveness. In modern day social media marketing, it is not like you are disposing content into some online garbage bin. No! You as a business owner need to keenly watch out for the level of engagement this content churns out.

social media marketing

Sadly, a profile on Facebook wouldn’t dish you any good information as to how your customers are savoring your content. That is to say, Facebook profiles quite lack analytic tools with which you can measure the level of engagement from the fans on your content.



This is a jolting blunder! Instagram is a market of pictures and videos.

The quality of the picture is the marketing fragrance of the post itself. You shouldn’t be posting low-quality pale pictures on Instagram when you have just a handful of seconds to make a quick impression with your post. Let the picture embrace the reader into the post, once he steps through the hospitality of a good quality pictures and videos into your main post, chances are higher that he could be eventually converted.

social media marketing

So in all, we have learned some of the ridiculous mistakes business owners make on social media marketing, the holes you have to stitch up in your social media marketing. Stitch up these holes as soon as possible remembering one stitch saves nine.

Remember the larger the holes you have in your social media marketing, the larger the holes through which your customers can leak out: lost!