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In business, we are all guilty of having that gluttonous appetite for leads. We want as much consumer inquiry as to what services we offer or the goods we sell. Ultimately we all have that blazing ambition of converting as many of these leads as possible.

Now a lot of your lead generation, as well as customer acquisition, is tied to how interactive your website is in terms of its ability to engage the visitor eventually confiscating his loyalty to your brand. Fortunately, there are a number of interactive tools that would help you acquire more leads. Let us look at some of these interactive tools that increase website leads as well as their functionalities.



Interactive Tools (IT) have a great capacity to engage your audience more


It is important for your website to be engaging. Let your audience feel at home when they step into your URL. A website that is malnourished of engagement is inhospitable to the visitor getting him dashing out impatiently as soon as he is in. A number of interactive tools here can increase your engagement.


The first we will be looking at is Apester. Apester is one powerful interactive tool that helps you to easily equip your website with very engaging features like surveys, polls, video quizzes etc. Such tools improve the interactive allure of your website immersing your visitor in and watering their excitement while on your website. All these contribute to the engagement and sense of belonging your audience feels on your website.

Apester reputably ranks as a leading content management platform globally with the big guys like Fox Sports, The Huffington Post among Apester’s amiable list of happy users.



Mapme is one great interactive tool that doles you with the capacity to create 3D maps deploying well integrated with photo galleries synchronized with a built-in video player. It is possible to embed such maps in your website and possibly dispersing them around social media.

You also have the option of designing maps on the basis of your special interests allowing your audience to connect more to your website even adding content do such maps.


Still pertaining to enhancing your website’s engagement, Brackify is another interactive tool you should have in your armory. Specifically, Brackify is created to help you design voting brackets which are pretty interactive to the prospective website visitor. This flavors your content with the spice of competition when needed thereby spurring engagement.

It is easy to create these voting brackets with Brackify. When you create these brackets, you can seamlessly embed them into your website page. There is also the option of linking it back to the bracket page. To garnish things more, Brackify allows you to add a countdown timer on your contests thereby embellishing your contest with a greater sense of urgency.

This ramps up the engagement “arresting” the visitor on your website. What more? Brackify is admirably mobile friendly and can be well integrated with your social media.


IT increases dwell time which helps SEO ranking

Sure you may have been curious at one point in time about what makes those websites stays on the top pages of search engines, always plastering your search results. Is Google just partially and unconditionally heads over heels in love with them? No, not really.

The visibility of a website on search engines is affectionately connected to its SEO ranking (search engine optimization). Dumping a website online on a server doesn’t necessarily mean it would rank well on search engines. A coherently strategized SEO optimized website would massively boost the volume of organic traffic gushing from search engines to your websites.

SEO ranking is not entirely disconnected from dwell time as well. Here dwell time denotes the time that elapses between the click of a user on a search and the interval that user goes back to the SERPs. Therefore, a number of interactive tools helpful in improving your SEO ranking while enhancing your dwell time.


Google Trends

We will be starting with Google Trends here. For keywords enthusiasts. Google Trend is a crucial interactive tool for your SEO.

This tool allows you to keep up the pace of eternally changing search engines queries to ascertain what keywords people are searching for more. Such keywords could be phrases as well diverging across demography – as the results differ for different locations. This way you can naturally integrate those keywords into your content.



Sometimes your website is unnecessarily clothed in fanciful fonts, adorable headers, and a generally scintillating display while being bereft of good SEO ranking. This is where BROWSEO interactive tool comes in really handy. This tool is unique for the way it strips your website of graphic garment leaving you with a bare view of its “SEO  skeleton”.

There you can tell where your website is in need of improvement as to its SEO ranking. This interactive tool is such that you don’t have much work to do other than simply typing your URL into the BROWSEO site and this interactive tool energetically sets to work.


Rank Checker

Lastly here we will be considering Rank Checker. It is important you have a factual idea of the precise ranking of your website in the search engine rather than basking in the fashionable illusion that your website is supposedly up there in the top echelons of search engine results.

Rank Checker will help you accurately tell you where your website ranks as well as paths to follow in improving your SEO ranking. You have the option of installing a button on your toolbar so that you have quickly access this information anytime at your discretion. So to say Rank Checker will help you know where your website stands among the gasping multitude of website littering the internet – as well as ways to step up.


IT tools reduce Bounce Rate which helps SEO

Definitely, as a website owner, you want people to lose an idea of time anytime they climb aboard your website. You want them to be addictively enchanted staying as long as possible your website. However, this is not always the case. For some websites, they are almost like a revolving door – visitors leave as immediately as they enter.

This is what a high bounce rate means. Yes, this is not alienated from the level of engagement either that your website boasts. A high bounce rate portrays a scenario where a visitor enthusiastically comes to your website only to miserably see that it is very far from what he was looking for and hurriedly dashes out like he is on fire. This entails a poor retention capacity of your website.

The reality is that a high bounce rate will bite down lethally on your SEO ranking helplessly pumping up your PPC advertising costs. This is because Google’s machine learning is built in such way that it works more with real user signals.

Therefore it makes sense that in the course of the optimization of your website (either in form of cost per click or conversion), you exert significant efforts in clamping down on your bounce rate. The goodnews here is that there are a number of interactive tools that improve your bounce rate while helping your SEO.

Live Chat

One sad truth is that it is very easy to lose your visitors. Visitors to your website are naturally in a hurry and don’t have the courtesy to stay a little longer on your website once they don’t easily see what they are looking for. Ridiculously, it could be that your website is not equipped with the functionality they are searching for, it could be just be that they can’t easily locate such feature. But as the Kings that customers are, patience is not their best virtue and they are out!

Nonetheless, before they jettison out of your website, a live chat would be helpful in interacting with the visitor enabling them to more precisely tell the administrator what they need. By engaging them in an interactive chat, the live chat keeps them on the site thereby reducing the supposably high bounce rate.


Interactive widgets can be very helpful in reducing your bounce rate 

These interactive widgets have the automated capacity to emotionally connect with the visitor increasing his engagement with the website. Some of these interactive widgets cut through quotes, puzzles to arousing pop up quotes.

The idea is for the interactive widgets to sustain the flame of excitement lighting up the visitor for the time he is on the website. Amazingly, integrating some of these interactive widgets in your website do not require you to be some MIT geek. Some of the interactive widgets can be simply incorporated with drag-and-drop page builder.


Mobile-compatible IT tools enhance the engagement of your website

In modern websites, the emphasis is rightly placed on the user experience. How conveniently and flexibly can visitors access the information your website dishes them? And with the increasing trend of smartphones relegating personal computers, it makes good sense for your website to be mobile friendly. But first, what really is a mobile-friendly website.

website ranking

Simply put, a mobile-friendly site is designed to replicate its desktop sleekness on a mobile device. This means the website while dazzling on your computer is still optimized to perform well on your phone as well as your tablets. There is now an ever-increasing gap between the number of people visiting your website from their mobile devices and those visiting from their laptops – in favor of mobile users.

Statistically, more than half of the traffic online is sourced from mobile users. And surely Google is taking this tilt into cognizance. Google is sewing its ranking algorithm to favor websites that are more mobile friendly. Thus if your website is poor as to its mobile hospitality, then you would be losing a juicy chunk of organic traffic from search engines.


One of the best interactive tools to improve the mobile-friendliness of your relationship is via using content management systems (CMS). This will judiciously help you in the administration of your digital content. Seamlessly using content management systems (CMS), you would escape the need to design multiple versions of your website.

Some of the most famous CMS systems include Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. These content management systems are adequately sophisticated with great mobile plugins as well as themes that would aid the responsiveness of your website on a mobile interface.

Looking further, there are some great free tools that can help you create amazing mobile websites.


One great interactive tool that can transform your normal website into a mobile website is Google Mobile Optimizer which helps the adjustability of your website to suit the dimensions of the mobile device. There is also iWebKit. The latter interactive tools give you the convenience of build an app version of your websites for mobile operating systems like iOS. You would, however, need a bit of HTML knowledge in this scenario. Both tools are free to use.



Separate Pages – IT tools should be on separate pages to assure specific page indexing.


It is no longer news that Google is always on the lookout for fresh websites dripping with the newness of their content. For even page that Google crawls, it will index it possibly for references in the future. Therefore for your website to be listed by Google, it must first index it. So when Google’s bots crawl your website, they would archive a copy of every page of your website later making adjustments to the indexes.

A pretty number of interactive tools would help you improve your page indexing. Such tools would inform you of what pages of your website Google has indexed. In the case where you have a vast number of pages on your website, ensure that Google sufficiently crawls all your content.

This would eventually improve your conspicuousness in search results. One such interactive tool is the Google Search Console. In the past, this was referred to as Google Webmaster Tool. You can with this tool tell when last your website was crawled, if your website is suffering indexing errors or has security vulnerabilities. Google search console would also assist you in submitting sitemaps manually.

So in all, we voluptuously learned how interactive tools can help boost the engagement of our audience. In all a great website is one whose audience can never get enough of – always coming back for a slice!