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marketing secrets

Of course, you wouldn’t mind the number of people visiting your website to be more than the attendance of the Super Bowl. We are gluttonous with subscribers, signals, and users, as we always want more and more. Don’t worry, it is normal. Yes, being the business Oliver Twist is right passion a business needs, that entrepreneurial dissatisfaction of always wanting more. You should rather feel bad if you don’t have this holy greed.

Sad as it is, we are not willing to pay proportionally for this magnified size of audience we lust for. Therefore as a startup hoping to generate a voluptuous audience yet is sinfully frugal, you need to strange, thinking a great distance outside the box being bold enough to take an uncommon marketing adventure. That is, you have to be unique, with your marketing embellished with nuclear creativity; well out of the ordinary.

You definitely can’t be thinking of doing the normal if you want to develop greater marketing results with a shriveled budget. Let us look at some of the relatively “fallow” techniques you could deploy, that would be fertile enough to plant your resources to give you the marketing harvest you seek. They are uncommon so to say yet ridiculously powerful.


Many don’t talk about a referral program but it is explosive if done well

If you want to amass a great following in at a speed even Usain Bolt would be envious of, then you could be eyeing referral marketing. It is basic yet explosive. How it works is that customers engage in the promotion of your brand via person-person referrals. Many startups are oblivious to the heap of opportunity encased in referral marketing. Come to think about this: over 90% of people confide more in the recommendations of an acquaintance, especially one they trust. Therefore if well farmed, you can reap a viral network of customers recommending friends, such that each goes a commercial evangelism winning back their friends as souls for your brand.

marketing secrets

The good thing is in a modern world like ours flaming with technology, you don’t have to build your referral marketing from scratch anymore. A tool like Ambassador can help you build your referral marketing program while you are chilling with some juice on the beach.


Getting featured in a big publication is another way

Sometimes you don’t need to athletically jump to success, you could step into success climbing on the shoulders of a giant. Yes, leveraging on the promotional muscularity of a big publication is very effective especially say you get your brand featured on it. That is sure to exponentially fatten your audience. Surely no one wants to you to impatiently jump on their platform with a trumpet blaring about your brand.

marketing secrets

No, it is a more diplomatic relationship where you help them scratch their back and they help you scratch yours. Build a business matrimony with the major publication where you satisfy their audience while along the way you may be scooping teaspoons (about your brand) into the value you give you the publication. With time, you are going to synthesize a congregation from that publication without having to pay too much other than the cost of building a trusted relationship with the publications.


Why don’t you churn your product into a challenge?

Yes, this sounds weird, right? But toasting your promotion with more excitement may be the way to make it a customer delicacy. This is the secret to successful viral marketing. Sort of excitement in form of an engaging challenge for your audience. Engaging your consumers by allowing them to be immersed in your promotional content.

marketing secrets

Look at this example, in a vital marketing video in 2012, Codecademy challenged viewers to code as their new year resolution. This promotional video was a resounding success for Codecademy. Why? Because the video handcuffs the viewer engaging him by dragging him into the challenge. What more? They could meet that new year resolution by coming on Codecademy’s platform which made coding very simple for beginners.

By dragging them indoors via these sort of challenge promotion, you shut the door behind them with a higher chance of converting them. So the idea here was like making a sizzling video that grips attention but sprinkling some of the services you offer into the dish you give the viewer’s eyes; so that at the end of the excitement of the viral marketing, the viewers come home to your brand inquiring about those services they had seen.


Heat up the excitement more about your brand with a contest

Yes, a contest. A contest is a win-win compromise between you and your customers, but surely you win gold while your customers win bronze. Not bad is it? A contest is one of the most effective ways to balloon your audience obese. It is not an organic way actually to build traffic but if Cardi B even with implants could get a celebrity husband, who cares about being artificial? The major thing is it is effective and surely a contest is.

Take YouTube for example, they grew rapturously into the biggest video-sharing website today with your white-haired grandma even hosting a channel there. But one thing that greatly contributed to this success is the contest it ran by giving iPod Nano each day to users all free of charge if they could upload a video as well as invite a friend. Sure a contest would cost you but it is all an investment with a guarantee of reward. Take it as giving your potential customers $5 to come back to give you $20. It is not bad business, is it? As a brand, hosting a contest with a promotional grit to it all is one great way to go. One nice place to host a contest is Facebook.


In all, these are ways you can promote your brand as a startup. You may hurriedly discard them off the table as not been tasty for they are quite unpopular. But don’t forget the brilliance of techniques is not necessarily in their popularity but rather in their effectiveness. Moreover, if they were very popular and everyone using them, wouldn’t they have reached menopause by now?