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website ranking

It is a raging nuclear war on Google as millions of websites battle lethally to stay on top of the Google ecosystem. Staying on Google’s first pages is even harder than convincing the Pope to model for the cover of Playboy magazine. SEO, therefore, becomes as brutal as an elite MMA fight, your competitors punching hard to get you of your position dilapidating your Google ranking.

website ranking

Kindly type a keyword on Google and see the overwhelming millions of website that show up in the search result. How then can your website survive the competition, the fiery competition that has incinerated many websites burning them from the top pages of search engines? You may thus be wondering why your website is not ranking impressively. Well, stop soaking your handkerchief with tears over the poor ranking of your website.

Here we will give you some first aid treatment to restore your website to the lintels (top) of Google search pages as well as the hoisting you mechanically up to the top pages of search engines.


Your website could be performing poorly because you aren’t registered with Google My Business

Never underestimate the power of Google My Business. Doing so is no less careless than wearing panties to a six-figure job interview. Much to our relief, registering with Google My Business is all free and even seamless, however, it would embellish your SEO with such voluptuous improvements. The basic algorithm of Google is such that Google lazily takes the way that is easiest and quickest in arriving at the relevant search results.

website ranking

Take it that registering with Google My Business is one way of lobbying Google to bring up your page in relevant searches. Having an account with Google My Business paints a picture of you to Google as one who doesn’t disinterestedly yawn when the talks drift to ranking, that you seriously care about your position on search results. Google smiles when you show this sheep-docility on your part to be loyal to their government and prioritizes your business, therefore.

Registering an account, you may have to fill in more precise details of your business like your name, your zip code even down to your address information and what you sell (as well as the services you render). All of this information further integrates you into Google’s inner caucus so that it easily locates your page and place it in appropriate SERP


Oops, could you be forgetting to dutifully exploit social signals?

You dare not ignore social media as a business today. Living in the Stone Age is no longer dancing about with stones and hiding nudity behind raffia palms, it is about being without social media today. Social media is a digital epidemic that has ravaged humanity and you shouldn’t be thinking of finding a cure for the social media virus. Rather get sick with the social media virus too and exploit the marketing edges of this sickness.

website ranking

It is more mandatory for you as a business to be active on social media than for Abraham to make heaven. You may not know but Google pays keen attention to your activeness on social media as well as how updated your accounts are. All these contribute to your ranking.

Take it or leave it, your SEO is affectionately connected to your social media marketing. Don’t think the guys at Google are nerds and too introverted geeks to pay attention to what you do on social media as a business. Google deploys what is termed social signals to look at for which websites are active, as well as dutifully fishing out those websites that are stagnant. With this, they associate proportionate ranking.

Staying active on social media in an engaging and interactive manner is not rocket science. For example, say you publish a blog, simply make a post about it and link it to the published blog. Something fun and crisp happening that may get your audience combustive and excited? Simply tweet about it.


Your website may not be ranking well because it is not mobile friendly

The reality we have today is one where a plurality of people are accessing the internet with plurality of devices on a daily basis. Now you can’t afford to generalize and squeeze all your visitors to your website under one umbrella of one single screen size. You must critically ensure the flexibility of your website so that its display and functionality is not significantly hampered by the multiplicity of devices (and screen sizes).

website ranking

This is why you should make it a top necessity for your website to be mobile friendly. Google will helplessly abandon your website (pertaining to ranking) if the mobile-friendliness of your website is nothing to write home about. Even your old school grandpa no longer browses the internet with his oversized laptop, he easily uses his smartphone now. The filial trend now is more people especially millennials scouring the internet quickly and flexibly from their smartphones while munching some pizza even on their skateboards. Making your website more mobile friendly is all easy. All you need do is choose a WordPress theme that fits well with your yearnings while still being impressively mobile friendly.


In all these are first aid treatment to resuscitate your website and get it ranking well on search engines. If websites don’t stay on top, use these medical approaches to get your website hale, hearty and kicking again.