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Content is king, powerful content is one Eiffel Tower of words on which a brand can stand and be very visible to customers in its niche. With brands getting sandwiched between various social media platforms, the need for content is overwhelming.

Brands are these days busier than the police in Kansas City, busy in the kitchens of creativity baking loaves of content for their gluttonous audience so they keep salivating the brand.

One may ask what does it take to boil such savory concoction of words and visuals, creating such dazzling content; what it takes to toast that cuisine of letters – that amazing article?

Well, the path to excellent content creation is not properly tarred. To drive your audience to the ideal destination of conversion, there are so many potholes on this path of content production which you must avoid as an accident of running into these potholes is sure t

Potholes litter the path of content creation, how well are you driving your audience?

o get you amputated of your audience.


This is one very common mistake we make when producing content, we forget what our audience actually needs. Your ideas must agree with the yearnings of your audience else your content is as misplaced as a Quran in the Vatican. When producing content, make sure your head is not your own detention facility, bail yourself from your perspective and explore the dietary personas of your audience, what content they would like to eat. Avoid any sort of perspectival celibacy making sure you marry the perspectives of your audience as well.


As elite content developers, we know there are those moments when you are blasted with excessive pints of adrenaline and you just want to go surfing on your pen, riding th

They wouldn’t eat your content if they don’t like it


e most violent waves of your creativity (making the content as much yours as possible) but this is not the best as your audience might get drowned in such tides of your perspective, unable to follow you.

In as much as your content is yours to produce, you are not producing such content for your private bookshelf; people have to read it. Some of these people would have loved taking flights from their living room to their dining tables, they are that impatient. Sure they would barely have the patience to go through what you have to offer if it doesn’t appeal to their needs!

Your audience is your guest and your content is their lodge, so make sure they feel at home as much as possible. Don’t forget you have to hospitable enough to convert these people at the end.



Sounds quite contradictory, right? Of course, the client is king, but you should not get excessively “Santa” or generous with the royalties you give them in your content to forget your brand objectives. We should always cater for the audience in our content but we are not the UN.

We can’t get too philanthropic to romantically gift clients with our content without forgetting to strategically tag our brand to the bouquet. In as much as your content should be “maternal” loving and caring for the audience, it should be “paternal” as well, fathering the goals of your brand. It is like getting a million audience without converting one. It is actually a situational cousin of the biblical adage of gaining the whole world and losing your soul.

The truth is, every content you produce should in a way align with your corporate targets, every content is a pass towards the ultimate slam dunk of client conversion. Just make sure you don’t overdo it in one content else it is a foul of traveling.



Handsome content is handsome research. Producing good content involves dutiful diligence of examining existing data, exploring the finest detail of your client’s needs. You cannot produce great content locked in the cocoons of your mind, you must take an adventurous dive into the pools of existing information.

Make sure to uncover how the topic has been covered previously. Are you just microwaving what is on the dining table, or you are toasting something entirely new to the table?

In course of your research, anticipate discoveries that may disrupt previous data. Good content is good effort, so harass the topic with research, strip the topic to its underwear; uncovering every detail about it.


That is it! So now you are more relaxed at the steering wheel of your content production, aware of the potholes in driving your audience to conversion. Don’t forget with strategic content you can drive 90 on a 65, achieving greater unconventional speed of customer conversion. Drive safely, Bon Voyage!