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The truth is vision is the foundation of reality. All the mighty innovations honorably embalmed in history were all woven in the mind! Vision is a mental compass with which you know if you are sailing in the right direction.

We must accept that reality is a hardcopy of our mentality- as some of the richest men in the world have the richest minds; they always carry a fat purse because they have a very nutritious vision. The weight of your vision is truly a financial cousin of the weight of your bank account. Can you see through when the artist fate shades your dreams into opacity? Do you have an X-ray (very penetrating) vision?

It is worth recognizing that fate is a merchant and it would give you nothing good free! Yes success is a pagan deity- it always needs sacrifices. You have to plant your dreams and water it with your calculated, visionary sweat.

Bill Gates was able to open the windows of his mind to the visionary possibilities hence the success of his Windows project. Evan Spiegel of Snapchat was able to ambitiously snap his mind, his visions and print them into reality hence the world adored Snapchat. Peter Dinklage ( the midget of game of thrones) despite being short had tall visions hence he is not in the woods of prejudice- he is in Hollywood!

Our world will never reach an intellectual menopause; humanity will keep giving birth to ideas! Our world drools for that entrepreneur who is able to think kilometers outside the box of convention, adventurously surf the waves of uncertainty, wrestle fate in the rings of ambition, till his brains and harvest delicious inventions.

How real do you see your dreams?

We yearn for that intellectual oasis thirsty communities will drink from. That individual with high entrepreneurial voltage to electrify his society with inventions. Half loaf is not always better than none, why manage that half of bread when you can be that oven baking full loaves of jobs for your world?

Enough of the industrial strikes in our heads, open the factories in our brains and get them manufacturing ideas. Entrepreneurs are the microwaves of our civilization, always warming our civilization with innovations. You have kept your brains in the locker too long, it is time to use it!

This is a short wake up call, the pillow is the cemetery of dreams; wake up and start working! The social topography of fate is one that although opportunities are found on the crust of the earth, true success however is excavated. You must work!