How hard is it getting the Pope to pose for Playboy Magazine?

Well, it is even harder for me to produce content that doesn't beat your expectations!

I am Lotus Felix, the game-changing writer your competitors have been praying so hard you never find. For the last 13 years, I have transformed many fragile businesses into uncontested industry giants with cutting-edge content marketing techniques.

From keyword research to content strategy and link building, I am the assured captain that will steer your website from obscurity to the top pages of Google.

Let me pour you a digital cup of coffee as I walk you through my world.

My content "confiscates" your audience's eyeballs

Spellbound…that is the effect my content has on your readers.

My content is flavored with empathy and authority. I step into your audience’s shoes and write from a “kindred” perspective, ensuring the content emotionally stimulates them enough to take action.

When I get a topic from you, I dive into comprehensive audience research to get a granular understanding of your targeted users and pain points.

Equipped with such customer specifics, I extensively personalize my content to them, ensuring the content hits the right notes with my readers!

Little wonder my readers take action like their lives depend on it!

I produce content search engines and humans savor

Finding the best content writing in 2022 is hard…

Yeah, I know how horrible it is when writers prioritize search engines ahead of your audience’s reading experience.

This explains why I painstakingly produce value-rich content that engages your visitors while optimizing such content for search engine visibility.

A master at natural keyword integration, your audience is guaranteed a natural reading experience while Google drools for the content I produce for you!

I keep it sweet and exciting...

Website bounce rates are at an all-time high. With loads of exciting videos to enjoy on TikTok and Netflix, the last thing your readers want is stale and boring articles. 

This is why my articles are garnished with an entertaining edge while transmitting my authority as a subject matter expert. 

The articles I will produce for you will mix value and thrill, ensuring your readers have a swell time while learning transformative concepts. 

After 13 years of elite content writing, I have mastered balancing an interactive writing tone and concise delivery while avoiding fluff.

marketing strategies in 2020

My mentality is hard to beat

I hail from an endangered species of writers who offer you premium quality, punctuality, commitment, and affordability all in one package. 

My exceptional writing skills even come second to my mentality. I am voracious for challenges and renowned for regularly taking on tasks outside my comfort zone.

I am as self-motivated as they come, eager to beat your expectations while learning something new every day. 

I am your dream team player who relishes constructive criticism!


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